Birth Centre


The Birth Centre offers a "home from home" environment to prospective mothers who fall into the "low risk" category. Mums-to-be are encouraged to pursue an active birth in a comfortable, safe and relaxed atmosphere where birth is treated as a natural process and medical intervention is kept to a minimum.

Tours of Wexham Park Hospital Maternity Unit, including the Birth Centre take place at 1pm and 2pm every Sunday afternoon.

Treatments and Procedures Offered

The Birth Centre has five birth rooms, two of which have en-suite facilities and one a birth pool. The rooms are furnished to support your choice of natural birth and create an atmosphere that will help you and your family to feel as calm as possible. There is a fully equipped kitchen where snacks and food can be warmed or stored and a lounge/ dining room for you to relax either during the early stages of labour or following birth.

The centre offers a range of traditional and alternative methods of pain relief, including aromatherapy, massage, gas and air (Entenox), pethidine, an active birth pool and TENS. The centre encourages active birth, and there are birthing balls, mats and beanbags available to ensure that women are given every opportunity to labour and birth in the way they wish.

How To Contact Us

01753 633709
01753 6333711

Further Information For Patients

What if I decide I would like more medical intervention once labour is established?

If you decided you would like more medical intervention once your labour has started we can organise a quick and easy transfer to our labour ward, where the full range of medical intervention is available.

What happens if complications arise during labour?

If complications arise during labour or if your labour does not progress as expected we will transfer you to our labour ward to complete your birth. If this happens, wherever possible the Isis Birth Centre midwives will continue your care, or it may be necessary to transfer your care to one of the midwives on the labour ward.

Where will I stay after the birth of my baby?

The Isis Birth Centre has a six-bedded postnatal room, which is available for women and their babies to relax and recuperate after the birth. You should be able to go home between six and twenty four hours
after the birth.

Who can visit me during labour and what are the visiting times after the birth of my baby?

We encourage birth partners of your choice to stay with you for support throughout your labour and birth. The visiting times after birth for all other visitors is 2 – 5.30pm and 7 – 8pm