Visiting Hours

Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has extended visiting hours in all wards. 

You are welcome to visit at any time but if you intend to visit before 9am or after 9pm, please arrange this with the senior sister or nurse in charge.

Patients and visitors have really welcomed the more relaxed open visiting hours as it makes it much easier for friends and families to visit.  This proves a great benefit for patients in the recovery process, and visitors tell us that it makes visiting much easier to fit in with their work and other commitments.

We need to have some things in place to ensure that open visiting doesn’t interfere with nursing and clinical needs, and doesn’t adversely affect the quality of any patient’s stay while in hospital.  We have guidelines in a ‘Code of Conduct’ that we ask all visitors to follow, and this is available on every ward and listed with each department below.  

On all wards, the following rules apply:

  • Please could visitors refrain from sitting on the bed for infection control reasons
  • Adult patients will be restricted to 2 visitors at a time, unless there are specific reasons (at the discretion of the nurse-in-charge)
  • A responsible adult should accompany all children visitors; those under the age of 12 are only allowed to visit with permission from the nurse in charge.

This will enable patients to have protected rest periods & meal times, allow the doctors and nurses to carry out patient care, and for essential cleaning to take place.

Adult and general patient wards/departments 

Please refer to general patient Code of Conduct

Paediatric wards/departments 

Please refer to paediatric Code of Conduct 

Maternity wards/departments

Please refer to maternity Code of Conduct 


For reasons of privacy and security 24 hour visiting is not practiced on ITU.  

Visiting hours are between 09:00 - 21:00.  Ward rounds are at 08:00 and again at 14:00, and visiting is restricted at these times to protect patient privacy and confidentiality. 

We ask that only two people visit a patient at one time please and that visiting is restricted to next of kin, partners, family and close friends.  Children visiting ITU is at the discretion of the nurse in charge. 

Please note that many of the patients who are admitted to the unit are seriously ill and, as such, will require a high level of nursing and medical intervention.  It is therefore very likely that you will be asked to wait, or asked to leave during your visit when these interventions, physiotherapy or nursing care need to take place.